Windows Utilities That Do Not Need Any Substitutes

Once after you have installed Windows 8 in your computer, you might rush to install the necessary utilities to speed up things for you. These windows utilities become a necessary cause of consuming memory space in the computer. Moreover, there is no point of installing these utilities when you have the efficient substitutes available in your Windows computer. Almost all the utilities that we are going to mention now have the substitutes being added in Windows 8.


With the installation of Windows 8, you do not have to install a third party antivirus software, as you have it installed in your OS by default. This is known as Windows Defender in Windows 8 and if you’re a Windows 7 user, then you must be well aware of Microsoft Security Essentials.


Are you still using third party software? If so, then let us tell you that it is not necessary to install one because of the fact that you already have a firewall installed in your system, which blocks the illicit traffic from entering your system. It blocks the malicious files, so that your computer is not affected.

You might not know, but you have a solid firewall by default.

Security suite

Internet Security Suite is the one that takes care of cookie deletion, anti-phishing, etc. and many users do install a third party security suite for such uses. However, it is not needed! The browser of your Windows 8 is efficient enough to take care of these issues. The browser of Windows 8 has built in protection for phishing and removes the cookies just after the browser is closed down.

Disc burning suite

There is absolutely no need to install disc burning suite, as Windows has its own supported media to burn the data to the discs—it could work on re-writable discs, burn ISO images to the disc and lot more. For burning audio CDs, you can make use of Windows Media Player.

PC cleaning tool

Who doesn’t want the computer to be like a new one! Freeing up disk space by getting rid of the temporary files is a great method to have a safe cleaning and beefing up the system, which can be done by making use of the Disk Cleanup tool.

Startup manager

Startup program become a headache, when there are too many that open up unnecessarily. In the previous versions of Windows, you might have to launch the MSconfig tool to manage the startup applications, but the scenario is not the same with Windows 8.

The Windows Task Manager of Windows 8 has the Startup Manager utility built into it.

PDF viewer

To view PDF document in your Windows 8 system, you do not have to install an Adobe reader. It has an app called Windows reader that can open up a PDF file without any hassle. Of course it makes the work easy, but it takes a while to integrate with the desktop.

These are few of the utilities that do not need any third party program. There are many utilities built in Windows 8 that help you not to eat up too much space of your system’s memory, by installing the third party apps.

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