Important Ways In Which You Can Secure The Gmail Account And Keep Hackers At Bay

Hacking of Gmail accounts has been a common occurrence in the recent years. Gmail will notify you is your account has been compromised or hackers have tried to access your account from an unknown machine. Gmail will instruct you to create a new and strong password so that your account is secured again. After you change the password you may find out that you account has been compromised once again. Once hackers get access to your account they have several tools which help them to hack with ease. Even without the knowledge of the password they can hack into an account easily.

With the rise in the number of hackers, it is important to secure your Gmail account. Your email account may contain valuable information. To prevent unauthorized access, it is important that you secure your Gmail account. The following tips will help you in the long run.

  • You must choose a strong password which is unique. Ensure that you do not use the password on any other site. Enable 2-step verification process. It will add an extra layer of security to your account. In this type of verification process, you will need access to your phone and the username and password. Google will send across a code on your phone which you will have to enter in the in the account log-in process. After choosing the password, you can check its strength at the password meter. An easy password will be easy to guess.
  • It is important that you secure your computer. You must check for malware and virus. Ensure that your operating system is up-to-date. Make sure that you perform regular software updates. Your browser must be up-to-date. Do not forget to check your browser for extensions, plug-ins and applications which may have access to your Gmail account.
  • You must review the Gmail settings very carefully. Check if your messages are being forwarded to another account without your permission. Check for filters which have been created to forward your mails to another account. Disable the POP/IMAP settings if you are not using them to send emails.
  • Keep track of your account’s activity. A hacker could be accessing your account without your knowledge. You may get notifications about unusual activity in your Gmail account. You can review the recent account activity by clicking the ‘details’ link at the bottom right corner of the Gmail window.
  • A Gmail account is used to file tax returns and converse with friends. If you access your account from a library or a café it will become more vulnerable to attack from hackers. A professional who deals with web design NYC will be able to throw light on ways in which  email account can be made more secured.
  • It is important to enable HTTPS when you open your account on non-encrypted networks and public wireless networks. Usually by default the HTTPS feature is on. Still, it is advised that you check it. Go to the mail settings and enable HTTPS security.

These steps will help you to keep professional hackers at bay. Google offers several tools which will help you to keep hackers at bay. You will have to activate the tools to use them. Beware of phishing attacks. It is essential that you use an updated malware scanner and keep it up-to-date. Your account recovery options must be updated. Do not overlook the fact that without securing the Gmail account your sensitive and confidential information will be unsafe. To prevent unauthorized access secure your account at the earliest.

Author Bio: Clara Gately chose the best web design NYC firm – when she set out to start an online business. All her official correspondence takes place through Gmail. She has used the Google tools to secure the email accounts. 

Nicky Sweden is a trained and experienced browser of mobile applications, which are related with internet browsing facilities.

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    RKWordwiz Jun 26, 2014 at 11:59 am

    There are some major points, which you can try and get help of from Web Design New York, which is associated with Gmail account and those will surely keep your hackers, at bay. As hacking is a common problem, which everyone is going through at a global platform, therefore; proper safety measures are some of the major points to get hold of. As hackers avail some of the best tools for their services, therefore; counterpart products are used to stop their services. However, you are asked to choose a strong password, which can help you in protecting your site from the hackers.

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    lucky123 Jun 10, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    When your
    account is compromised Gmail will notify you. Developers at Web Design New
    York will help you to select a strong password. The occurrence of hackers is
    on the rise in recent times who can hack into your account even without the
    password.This makes it essential that
    you secure your Gmail account. You must not make use of your password on any
    other site. a 2-step verification will ensure that your site is secured.
    Check your computer for malware and virus frequently. Reviewing Gmail
    settings frequently is very important. You must keep track of your account’s
    activity. Your account will be more vulnerable to attack if you access your
    account from a library or a café.

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    RickeyB May 28, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    help of reliable website design company in order to create a secured
    account in Gmail and also to keep the hackers at bay. For that, you might have
    to choose a correct password, which needs to be quite unique to focus at and by
    completing the verification procedure. Moreover, you might also have to secure
    your computer with passwords and also review the Gmail settings, with various
    careful notions. On the other hand, the professionals will ask you to keep a
    track of the activities taking place in your Gmail account in order to know if
    anybody else is using your account.

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