How To Hide or Password Protect Photos On Your iPhone or iPad?

Smartphones comes with so many features, one of them is instant photo saving. If you want to hide the pictures or images stored in iPhone, what would you do? The simple way to hide your photos on your iPhone is using image password protective apps.

How to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad?

The app store is full of protective apps, they can password protect your iPhone or iPad photos easily from others to view images without your permission. Here is the list of best password protective picture apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Keep Safe

Keep Safe Photo Vault

It is one of the best app to password protect or hide your iPhone photos. You need to import the photos to Keep Safe photo vault. After imported to KeepSafe your pictures will remain locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad.

Keep Safe.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a great app from Legendary Software Labs. It can hide your iPhone or iPad photos using pin lock, pattern lock/ dot lock. An even you can also password protect entire photo album. The app is also good for photo management, it allows you to create albums, import/export photos to apps, iTunes syncing and much more.

Private Photo Vault.

Pic Lock 3

Pic Lock 3

Pic Lock 3 is another great image protection app for iPhone. It sports various features to manage, protect your pictures on iPhone. It supports 4 digits passcode, alphanumeric and pattern gestures. It also has self destruction mode, after 5 unsuccessful passcode entries the app will self destruct all data in the app. It has additional features like inbuilt photo and image viewer, import and export, folder color and private browsing.

Pic Lock 3.

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