Faster & Smarter Future Smartphones What Possibilities They Hold For Us

Now a day’s Smartphone’s has become a part of our personal life. No sooner with the help of new and advanced technology Smartphones will become the most imperative part of the world. Many reputed companies are on rush to improve and include new concept with modern software to create much more attractive Smartphones, and after 5 years what can we expect from future Smartphones? This question is moving head to head isn’t it? However, looking at upcoming modernization for Smartphones we can make decent forecast about it.

Let’s take a look what the upcoming generation of smartphones hold for us:-

Upgraded Designs

There is lots of possibility of renovation in the dual-screen foldable design for smartphones, it might become slimmer but its size may not reduce. Expecting future phones not only it will have advance features and function but also it will come up with unique designs.

Concept Smartphone Designs

Users desire future smartphones with more interesting and with great functions and they expect that it will be geared to merge the two aspects much better.

Screens with more flexibility

Future phones will be no sooner come with more durability, portable and movable; it can be folded and unfolded. It may be a bit larger and more clear which will be comfortable for gamming. Users expect OLED will enable easily foldable screens which will be as thinner as paper with dual display that will be able run two different displays at the same time. It will help to watch videos and playing game together, which could be more comfortable and flexible for the users.

Screen would be made of secured and unbreakable glasses, and it would move from 2D to 3D displays, which can be much faster and better in performance.


This is one of the vital concepts that Smartphone’s should have, and no sooner the future phones would come up with this function. Allowing the device to biological identify its owner through biometric sensors like fingerprint scanner or voice identification. This could be helpful for its users to keep their important and confidential files and documents safely in their phones. After having passwords or pattern lock Smartphones should look forward towards this efficient application or it can think of using keys which allows the device to open your car locks with your authorization, and by this you can keep your car safety too.

All are set for future samartphones, isn’t it exciting to expect these latest features, but what it will take us to get there? I mean, what we have to pay in exchange of these mind-blowing features in smartphones, apart from this there can be other issues: do we need to compromise with our privacy for augmented reality to work at its fullest potential? Can marketers exploit our personal details to retrieve otherwise inaccessible data about us, our likes and preference?

Whatever it is but it seems everyone is very excited and curious to see what our future smartphones brings, and how the common people react to the emergence of the new and better smartphones with advanced technology and brilliant concept.

Christy root is a blogger representing Prepaymania that writes about the latest technological advances and news. She has years of experience in writing about a wide range of tech topics, notably specialising in covering all mobile and smart-technology related stories.
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