Connect Your Smartphone’s Music To Multiple Speakers Wirelessly With ROCKI

Today we’ve got a great product that simplifies your music listening experience. Most of us prefer speakers rather than earphones, ROCKI is a little box that works with any audio device and turns into a wireless music streaming device.


It works with any audio device equipped with 3.5 mm audio jack. To get started, simply connect the ROCKI to speakers 3.5mm jack and control it from using ROCKI native app in a compatible smartphone.

It also works on DLNA and UPnP online streaming services. The bonus point is when you have multiple speakers in your house connect ROCKI to each speaker and stream music from single source i:e smartphone or tablet.

The best part is ROCKI comes trendy colors, available in 7 colors. It is one of its kinds and you have no choice. The ROCKI app is fully featured; you can create playlists, browse your music by artists, genre, album or year.



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