What Are The Top Reasons To Use A Windows Phone?

If you are planning to buy a smartphone, one of the biggest decisions you have to take is whether to go for an Android, iOS, or Windows phone. In the third quarter of 2013, Android proved to be the numerous choice for new smartphone buyers. But, Windows phones are fast catching up on the popularity sector. According to Kantar’s report of 2013, Windows phone today holds a market share of 3.6%, which is up by 123% from the previous year’s statistics. The report also revealed that Windows phones contributed to around 10.2% and 4.8% of smartphone sales respectively in Europe and the USA. If that is not enough reason for you to go for a Windows phone, you must read the following top reasons to choose a phone with Windows.

  • Stylish all through A close, general observation of all mobile phones in the market revealed that Windows phones are probably the most stylish mobile devices around. And, that doesn’t exclude the cheap, budget phone – you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a cool looking phone if you choose Windows. You can choose from an assortment of colors like blue, cyan, red, purple, and yellow. Moreover, live tiles pop on the display screen. These phones allow a high degree of customization that is sure to impress you.
  • Easy User Interface: When it comes to using a phone, we all look for a device with easy user interface. And you can expect that all in a Windows phone. You can adjust and organise live tiles. In addition to that, the apps are listed in alphabetical order making it easier for you to search. Additionally, the settings are easy to discover. Vertical navigation is easy and convenient too.
  • Social networking is fun: Windows phones are integrated fairly with all the popular social networking sites. Thus, if you are too much on Facebook and Google Plus, you must choose a Windows phone. It is easy to talk directly, comment on posts, like, and retweet using such a mobile device.
  • Service Integration and support from Microsoft: If you are a Microsoft fan, you will surely love using Windows OS. Technology from Microsoft turns your phone into a mini computer that works great with Outlook.com, SkyDrive, Xbox Music, Skype, and OneNote. You also get built-in Bing search with Windows phone.
  • The office is free: One of the best benefits of using a Windows phone is that your phone is integrated with Windows Office. So, you can perform various official tasks using your phone. Office integration is free. By using a phone, you can use and access Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and any files you have created on your desktop.
  • Security: If you are buying a smartphone, you must consider security factor. You may use your phone for business use and keep various sensitive data into it. So, it is crucial to choose a phone with security-oriented features. Apps on Windows Phone lets you prevent unauthorized data access, remote wiping, and security boot.

So, what is your reason for choosing a Windows phone? There are Smartphone companies like Nokia, Samsung, and HTC that make Windows phones. However, Nokia adds more value to the operating system as compared to other manufacturers. You need to choose wisely to get the best value for money.

Author’s Bio: Michelle is a journalist in a start-up newspaper in the USA. Recently she is working with a company on the user experience of a video dictionary application. She considers herself a tech geek.

Jerry Ahern, is an expert on software development services and has knowledge of mobile software development programs. He writes numerous blogs and articles based on this subject. In this article, he speaks about the Ruby programming language and why coders prefer to use this over any other programming language.

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