T-Peos Rich200 Earphones-Review

Before the launch of mobiles earphones are meant only for music listening. After the launch of mobiles with 3.5mm audio jack earphones became more productive. You can listen songs and as well as make and receive voice calls on the go using earphones built in mic.Rich200 is another great IEM from T-Peos. These are immensely bold earphones, especially in-ear design can offer detail sound clarity and sonically pleasing listening experience.

T-Peos Rich200 Box Open

T-Peos Rich200 Box Contents

T-Peos Rich200-Out of the box

The box comes in a carton pack, once inside you’ll find plastic case with earphones and accessories: Two pairs earbuds (Medium and Large) and clip.

T-Peos Rich200

T-Peos Rich 200- Design & Comfort

The design of T-Peos Rich is very style looking with a white color scheme. The back of the earphones built with steel finish. I found Rich200 is very comfortable, basically ear shape matter more than the design part. But Rich200 is very decently designed and comfortably fit into any type of ear.

The 1.2 half flat cable is literally tangle free. We’re pleased to say that the Mic button is well placed and easy to access the button on the bike rides in busy traffic.

T-Peos Rich200 Earphones

T-Peos Rich200-Sound Quality

The T-Peos Rich 200 are music maniac earphones. They don’t cost much, sound clarity is similar to the premium class. Much of our testing involved playing back high quality tracks using our Galaxy Note2. The high frequency response was very good. When you correctly choose eartips, the details of the music is much clear. Moving through other genres, the earphones quality is good with perfect balance.

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T-Peos Rich200 Earbud Closeup

We have to admit we were pleasantly surprised by the results, the sound quality is pretty decent and clean. Particularly the mid range sounds and vocals clarity is very rich. When it comes mic, we appreciate the quality of the mic.

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note2, iPhone 5C, Blackberry 8520, Asus Laptop, Nexus 7 and iPod Shuffle.

Tested Genres: Instrumental, Jazz and Rock hits.

T-Peos Rich200 Mic


We already know T-Peos company is capable of building decent earphones like T-Peos Tank and Popular, but the T-Peos Rich 200 proved the remarkable bass and clarity. For the true audiophiles T-Peos Rich200 gives good listening experience.


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