Custom Built WordPress Themes for Business

It’s no secret that WordPress is widely recognized for being one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management systems (CMS) available today.

Business owners, particularly, have steadily been using WordPress as it offers some of the most efficient ways for businesses to engage and communicate with their customers online. As with any marketing material and office presence, a company’s website should have a professional appearance as it will give the business more credibility. The themes chosen by the users determine the look and functionality of the WordPress website without actually changing any of the content nor structure of the site. Although WordPress offers generic themes as templates which can easily be downloaded and are ready for immediate use, more business owners prefer using its custom-built themes for their companies as it offers significant advantages over its generic counterparts.

Benefits of Customized Templates

The use of customized themes offers numerous benefits and allows the amazing ability to stand out from the crowd of potentially million of other users who have opted to use similar generic templates. The unique designs of customized themes also enable web designers to construct them using a code, so it is search-engine friendly. By taking into account what the goals business owners want to achieve, web designers will also select the technologies and features to use while building sites.

The more complicated the design and functionality of the website is the more features and flexibility the theme will require. Unless business owners are good at web design and development, they will need to hire the services of a professional web design company to make sure that all the bells and whistles are incorporated into the website. The web developers will also make sure that the website is fully functional across all the browser platforms (IOS, PC, and mobile). Although many people may complain that having custom web designs are expensive, the cost of hiring web designers are far outweighed by the benefits it can bring to business.

Great Custom Built WordPress Themes

There are many great business websites that have taken advantage of the flexibility and power on customized WordPress themes to take their business to the next level. Macquarie Telecom, for example, is a great example of a website that highlights the effectiveness of using a customized theme to add a wide variety of features such as live chats with customer service, multimedia videos, easy access menus and much more. The colors used are not distracting, and the visitors get a clear sense of what their business is about.

Another perfect example is from Harvey Nichols, a site for international luxury fashion which has a robust e-commerce capability where it can manage online transactions and is flexible in its design for campaign imagery and themes.

Tornobambino is an example of a custom theme where a small business is given an enormous amount of flexibility that enables the simple looking website to be tweaked as often as the business owner needs.


The custom theme used for Branded07 is simple, yet incredibly elegant with an acute attention to detail.


With a focus on helping company brands break free from “generic mediocrity” Design, the Planet is a marketing agency based in New Orleans that prefer using WordPress above any other web site building service and are excellent at it too.

Custom themes allow businesses to catch up and stand out from its competitors. The theme of a website is a way of illustrating the company’s corporate identity and is often seen as an extension of the business itself.

Mary Ann Keeling is a passionate tech writer and a blogger - always in pursuit of hot topics and latest trends in the IT industry. She is also a business consultant and social media manager for small businesses.  

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