Frontback – The New Way Of Photography

As we all know that Android is just uncountable when it comes to the apps. It already has an ample number of apps to try out, and yet new ones with improved technology and mind-blowing ideas are getting added each single day.

Well, I guess these apps are the only things which holding the Android users to it so that they never get bored and leave them for any other OS like iOS and Windows.

Here today, we’ll discuss a sensation new photography app, which had personally left me stunned when I used. The app is called Frontback, and I think you can get that idea from its name only, but if don’t, then here below is the complete review and features of the Frontback.


What is Frontback?

The Frontback is a photography app which uses both the cameras, that is, front and back together to take the photographs and then to convert them into one. Here below are some camera modes you can try with this app on your smartphone.

  • You can use an only front camera or the back camera, but the real Frontback gets on with using both of them simultaneously.
  • There is the switching facility available between the front and back cameras.
  • You can also swipe the top and bottom panels of photographs easily.
  • If any image is not up to your matching standards, then you just need to tap the screen for a retake.
  • If you’re bad with the timing, then check out the self-time for better results.

You must be thinking that the features are over, but hey, there’s still a lot more to go. Take a look below!

Features of Frontback

  • After clicking the photos from both, back and rear cameras, you can tag the friends with [email protected] and ‘#hashtags’ and can write short captions too.
  • The location adding feature allows you to add the places like restaurants, museums, parks, festivals and others.
  • If you’ve got a funny picture and you want to share that instantly, then you can do it by using the social integration of FB, Twitter, Tumblr and others with Frontback.
  • You can send the pictures by SMS and e-mails as well.
  • The Frontback also let you see and browse the photos posted by your friends and hence act as the imaging community for you.

Now, I guess it’s enough of features to make sure that you’re going to try this app out at least once.


The Android app community is just getting bigger and bigger, and this sensation photography app called ‘Frontback’ is truly impressive.

I’m very much in love with its single click – double photo concept as the developers has shown a lot of creativity in making this app. The options and features also can force anyone to use this app for once at least, and I guess all of you out there will do the same.

Deepak Raghav is a tech enthusiast who loves to write on topics related to graphics, latest gadgets and technology. He is the editor of spider orbit and you can connect with him on Google+.

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