5 Powerful Image Filters That Will Make Your Website Pop

To make website graphics that have real pop, graphic artists will often take advantage of an image filter. Filters can enhance, correct and dramatically alter a picture to fit the needs of a website. Artists can certainly use filters in their image editing software, but they can also use filters directly on the lens of the camera when taking photos. The results are often stunning and breathe a sense of vibrancy and interest into a website that would otherwise be missing. The following five filters will make your website pop!

Camera Lens Filters

One of the most important filters for the camera is a polarizer. This is one of those filters that consistently outperforms the effects achieved with software. A polarizer on the lens can remove reflective glare, for example, in a way that software is not yet capable of replicating. An online photography course is the best way to discover the benefits of options such as the polarizer and graduated neutral density filters.

Graduated neutral density filters help to compensate for the disparity in underexposed and overexposed areas, particularly as they are often found in landscape pictures. A reduction of light occurs in the portion of the filter with a neutral density effect. This is how the photographer only reduces the light in areas where it is necessary, creating a stunning image with perfect exposure and clarity.

Software Filters

A Lens Blur filter can create drama in an image and catch the interest of website visitors. Thanks to control over the depth of images, this filter can emphasize a key segment of an image in a way that attracts the eye and makes a creative statement. Softening of the image in select areas ensures the focus is where it will have the greatest impact.

The Neon Glow filter can add an intriguing pop of color to an image and create instant interest. This filter is a classic, but the many possibilities keep it fresh and relevant. The artist typically chooses the filter and selects a color to emphasize, which produces a striking neon effect.

The Distort filters allow an artist to transform dramatically images in a variety of ways. Flat images, for instance, can be warped into abstract spherical shapes or ripples. The options available for these filters result in flexibility and a broad canvas for creativity.

Graphics Strategy

The right strategy in preparing graphics is crucial for holding the attention of website visitors. It is particularly important to consider which aspects of the graphics to emphasize and which to soften. Photographers often have the ultimate in artistic freedom with their graphics, with tools for the camera as well as the image editing process.

The image filters listed above can be used to dramatically improve the overall aesthetic of a website. Modern day web surfers not only expect great content, but they demand interesting graphics.  Filters have the ability to turn a drab and otherwise listless image into one that pops and compliments the other components of a successful website.

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This is a guest post by Karleia. She is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband.

This is a guest post by Karleia. She is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her daughters and husband..

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