Top 5 Best VPN Services To Anonymize Online Identity

Looking for the best way to anonymize yourself online? Okay, no problem we can use a VPN service to hide our online identity. VPN is a good way to hide our online identity, it enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network.

Moreover most of us facing anti-government issues that blocks some websites in particular regions. A VPN is capable of unmasking the blocked website’s content in geographically restricted locations.

Today I want to list the top 10 VPN services which are very easy to use, fast and secure.



VyprVPN is one of the finest VPN service available today. It is founded by Golden Frog’s as a personal VPN service in 2009. The best part of the VyprVPN is multi-platform support, separate apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSX.
Unlike others, they strictly follow their own software and network providing fast and reliable VPN service.

Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

Cyberghost provides an efficient way to anonymize your online identity. Using Cyberghost VPN service you can anonymously access restricted and censored content. The company provides robust protective system to anonymize your location. CyberGhost is available for Mobile, Windows, and Mac platforms.



TorGuard turns your normal internet connection into anonymous with a simple click. You can use TorGuard for different purposes like Bittorrent downloads to get unlimited bandwidth. The company is providing services like Anonymous VPN, Torrent Proxy, Android VPN service, iPhone VPN, and Torrent VPN.


Boxpn VPN

It is one of the most popular VPN services at reasonable prices. Boxpn VPN server is located in 247 locations in the World. The whole network is powered by a 220Gbit Network connection. t also offers PPTP & L2TP encryption, not only encryption it also scans the packets going through their network with filters to stop malware or viruses.

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UnoTelly is a multipurpose VPN service. It is not named as a VPN service, however, the technology behind UnoTelly is a virtual private network. It is actually designed to unblock the restricted content in blocked regions. It is mostly used to stream services like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu in locked regions. You can also use this service as a VPN service, it offers good encryption and privacy to the premium users.

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