Identify Unknown File Types Without Opening Them With TrID

Some times we accidentally download files from Internet, and some times they come from emails as attachments. The main problem is raises when you want to open the file type, identifying before opening them is a good option to avoid viruses and malware’s. Most of us search the file type in Google to download the correct opener to the file type. But what if file contains a virus or malware? better is to avoid them. Today I want share a very useful tool to identify unknown file types without opening them with TrID.

TrID online tool

TrID is a portable file identifier comes in three versions. A web online tool, command line and a GUI version. If you want to quickly check a file Web version comes as handy. Simply open the web page and click on choose and locate the file on your computer and select it. Next click on the Analyze option to identify the unknown file type instantly.

TrID online results


The results are shown with reference URL and how many extensions item matches.

TrID command line tool

The command line version allows you to identify the unknown file type easily with simple commands. You can see the full list of command lines by typing trid in the command line window. TrID uses a database full of definitions and continuously adding whenever the new file type is available.

TrID GUI scanning

The third and last type of the program is graphical user interface version. It is user friendly, those who don’t like the command version they can go with GUI version. But you need to download all definitions to your computer to work the program. The program sizes only 32kb and definitions database sizes less than one MB.

Overall it is a very good program to identify the unknown file formats easily.

Web version of TrID.

Command Line Version of TrID.

GUI Version of TrID.

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