What’s New In iOS8?

Apple launched the next iOS version as iOS8. The latest version includes more features like keyboard,health and iCloud Drive support. The iOS8 is very much friendly with Mac, if you own a Mac and iPhone the working connection is more productive. This latest update brings lots of other new features and added much more productive options.

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Detailed Features of iOS8


Spotlight is updated in iOS8, now it can show the results from App Store, restaurants,Wikipedia articles, music, locations and news.

QuickType Keyboard

Minor changes are made to the iOS8 keyboard, the latest keyboard is easier to type, it shows predictive dictionary and learns the user writing style like Swift Keyboard.

iCloudDrive in iOS8



The major update is integrating the Apple’s cloud storage to the iOS as iCloudDrive. Apple created the iCloudDrive organize the user personal files and folders in a easily accessible way. Files stored in the iCloudDrive accessible across all the devices including Windows compatibility.


With integration of iCloudDrive Apple allowed users to store users photos as a backup drive like Android devices. Photo app is also updated with features like Instagram like filters and color enhancements etc.

Mail App

Apple also updated its Mail App in iOS8. Apple added gestures to the app, allowing users to quickly mark as unread, flag or delete messages.

Interactive notifications

You can now interact with messages and other interactive updates from the lock screen. You don’t need to unlock the phone to respond to the notifications.

WiFi Hotspot

Now you don’t need to jailbreak your device for the WiFi hotspot feature. The new iOS8 comes with WiFi hotspot feature, you can use laptop, desktop or Mac to start browsing the net.


Health is another main update in iOS8. Third-party applications can submit data to a central repository for your health data. The new platform offers an extensive dashboard containing the user’s information like heart rate measurements, weight, pedometer stats, or other information.

The other updates includes Siri music recognition like Shazam, Family Sharing and Enterprise feature. Apple revealed only few major updates only, many more features on the way.


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