WordPress or Web Host Web Builder: Making The Right Choice

The conflict between WordPress and Web host web builder is more of a theoretical issue as both has its share of advantages and drawbacks.

In some cases, it is wise to use WP while in other cases, WIX (Web hosting web builder) is preferable. It is not possible to specify which among the two is best for designers. Professional website developers make use of both depending upon the demand. A choice between these two is a choice between convenience and briskness of WIX on one hand and flexibility and versatility of WordPress on the other.

Before deciding on which of these two applications to use, a careful comparison is required to be made. For all practical purposes five aspects are considered for deciding on implementation of an application, namely:

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility
  • Current maintenance levels
  • Support
  • Pricing.

Ease of Use

If ‘ease of use’ is a criterion for selection, then Web host web builder is a clear winner versus WordPress. WP being more flexible is complex in nature as compared to Wix. Though customization is more easily done with WP, it requires a thorough understanding of the tool. You might even have to hire an expert in WordPress to carry out customizations.

In contrast, Wix might not be able to carry out such elaborate customizations. However, it is easier to learn and could well be used without the guidance of a professional. Learning to use Wix for web page building is simple and based on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). There is nothing hidden, and possibilities are there in front of your eyes. You just need to drag and drop pictures, shopping cart keys, slideshows, and so on for creating a website. The final look of your web page would be exactly same as the manner in which you arrange content and icons in your website builder.


Regarding flexibility, WordPress is the automatic choice of web designers. WP is an open source thereby allowing anybody to work with it. With the help of WordPress, coders and programmers might create their customized plug-ins or themes. Visitors might buy these against payment or in certain cases obtain them free of any charges. This flexibility to customize is the principal reason behind the growing popularity of WP. As of now almost 17 percent of the websites are customized using WordPress CMS.

On the contrary, Wix is closed and not available universally to all. It is a tool whose use is restricted to members of a private group. Web hosting tools are an integral part of a website builder thereby having a lesser chance of spreading out.

Support and Maintenance

The support for WordPress tools is phenomenal considering its open source and extensive populace of users. There are also umpteen numbers of tutorials to help you in learning about WP tool and its processes. You may even appoint a WordPress expert to help you in understanding and operate this tool. However, this entails a cost.

Wix, being restricted within private communities have dedicated support teams. An advantage of Wix support is that all their support components are created by themselves and hence readily addressed. Support issues rarely go out of control with host Web applications.

If maintenance is a concern, then WP is a better choice as compared to Wix. WP being an open platform is continually updated. However, there is a flip-side to it. If your web page is not updated as per these updates the performance of your site is likely to fall. Though maintenance of Web host tool is not as regular, it stays within a closed community. Whenever modifications are made, your site is automatically revised without you having to worry the least.


For a Wix tool, the implementation cost could vary from ‘free’ to a maximum of about US $300 a year. In comparison, the cost of WP implementation could vary between US $150 – $200 per year with an additional fee for a WordPress developer.

The debate as to which is best for designers is yet to be settled. Both Web host and WordPress have their respective strengths and weaknesses, and it is absolutely up to you as to which application you select.

Nicky Sweden is a trained and experienced browser of mobile applications, which are related with internet browsing facilities.

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