Get Facebook Chat Head Notifications To Google Chrome With Extension

Now a day’s Facebook Messenger app for smartphone’s showing the bubble pop chat head when you receive a message.Chat head feature is originally launched for mobile user interfaces, it is easy to navigate and won’t need any app to reply the message This chat heads are available for both Android and iOS. If you are a frequent user of Facebook and liked this feature in your smartphone, you can bring this to the Google Chrome.

Facesim Chat Head is a simple extension available for Google Chrome in Chrome Web Store. It offers simple notifications chat heads similar in mobile app. When you receive a Facebook message, you’ll get a nice little popout chat head on the side of your browser.


When you click on a chat head to reply it doesn’t open any floating window for the message. A new Facebook message interface opens as a new Window. From there, you can reply to the messages and disable the chat bubble. If you are looking for a stylish way to notice your Facebook messages try extension for Google Chrome.

Download Extension For Google Chrome. 

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