Remo MORE Is A Multi Platform Cloud Supported Cleaning Tool

Maintaining a computer is a tough task, I’m not talking about dust cleaning. The junk files, registry errors mess with your machine and lastly they slow down the performance. A perfect cleaning tool is necessary to remove all the unnecessary file from your computer, Remo MORE is worthy consideration to the cleaning category.

Remo MORE is not meant for a single platform, it designed and developed for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The MORE is stands for M-Manage, O-Optimize, R-Recover, and E-Enhance. Firstly I tested MORE on my Windows machine.

Remo MORE Windows User Interface

After downloading and installing MORE started working with tile based user interface. Instantly it started the scanning for the search of Junk files, reigistry errors, shortcut errors, file extension errors, internet issues and much more. Clicking on Do more option cleans the all scanned files in one click. It takes some time to clean all the files, if you want skip some files you can manually skip them.

Remo MORE Fixing Issues

If you want to use the program extensively click on more tiles individually. The program also intimates you about critical issues when hardware or software changes. The best part of the program it is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The mobile app is also same as desktop version, it do the same way as desktop version offers.

Remo MORE Cloud Interface

The program excels in cloud version, when you sign up for the cloud interface the program, it lets you operate all the available platforms. A simple dashboard view lets you to clean all MORE installed devices using a single click.

Remo MORE for Android

I personally tested MORE on my laptop and Galaxy Note 2, clicking on the Do More option instantly cleans all the MORE connected devices. Using MORE you can even check the system properties on any interface.

Overall the program is very feature rich and easy to manage, it is available for free on all platforms.

Download Remo MORE.


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