T-Peos D-202N Earphones-Review

Over the years in ear listening experience is so much improved, development made by sound engineers is outstanding. Some professional audio equipment manufacturers are creating very decent in-ear earphones for best music quality. One of them is T-Peos, we recently reviewed Tank, Popular and Rich200 in thetechhacker. Today we got chance to hands on the brand new T-Peos D-202N IEM.

T-Peos D202N Earphone Box

T-Peos D-202N-Out of the box

The package comes in a simple paper box. In the box with the earphones we found two silicon eartips.

T-Peos D202N

T-Peos D-202N-Design and Comfort

When it comes to in-ear earphones, comfort is always a complex issue of personal preference. But the T-Peos company is managed to give perfect fit for any type of year. As for comfort, we’re going to reserve our praise a little. We had no problem wearing the D-202N for hours. For the most part, we enjoyed wearing the D-202N very comfortably.Overall we have to agree that the earpieces are so light and comfortable, we barely noticed them in our ears.

T-Peos D-202N Backside T-Peos D-202N Earphones Closer Look

T-Peos D202-Sound Quality

Much of our testing involved playing back high-quality tracks directly from our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Poweramp music player.The headphones brought a warm and balanced approach to music, providing easy access to all genres. They produce brilliant, detailed treble, wide-open midrange, and excellent dynamics, and a satisfying level of bass. They are pretty user friendly earphones, they should work just fine on your smartphone or tablet. The D-202N incredible resolution of inner detail benefited every style of music we listened to.

T-Peos D-202N Gold Jack T-Peos D-202N Receiver

I spent more than 12 hours listening to the T-Peos D-202N for this review. The output quality is very satisfying, I personally enjoyed the bass level produced by the earphones. This leads us to believe that the T-Peos D-202N performance is very good even for low quality MP3 players. I enjoyed the treble response even in low volumes, the clarity in the treble proved to be a big asset for the earphones. The microphone quality is also very good, it manged to produce clear voice even in crowd very comfortably.

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Note2, iPhone 5C, Blackberry 8520, Asus Laptop, Nexus 7 and iPod Shuffle.

Tested Genres: Instrumental, Jazz and Rock hits.

T-Peos D-202N Buds

When compared to Fidue A63 the T-Peos D-202N were an easier fitting in-ear for us, and we think they’ll be far more secure for anyone. Overall, the D-202N nail exactly what we’ve been looking for in a budget friendly in-ear headphone.

If you’ve been searching for great value on a tight budget, we recommend checking out the T-Peos D-202N.


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    newbietoaudio Jun 11, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    please use neutron player for android on your note2 ,its much much better sounding than poweramp,cheers,great review,thank you

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