How To Save Internet Files Directly To Cloud With Ballloon Chrome Extension

Nowadays everyone are using cloud services to store files. Typically when we want to save a file from the internet, first we download it to a computer and then upload it to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can simplify this process by using Ballloon for Google Chrome extension. If it is a regular process for you best is to go for Ballloon extension, it directly send the files or links to Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Before you get started to using this service you need to authorize first with Google. After authorization, it enables uploads to Google Drive. If you want to use Dropbox, you need to allow the service as well. The saving option is available with two methods, first, you can save the image using context menu entry and the second option sends an image directly to one of the services is to click on one of the overlay icons that the displays on images. For link saving directly right-click on the links and save a link to Dropbox or Google Drive. At present the service is available for Google Drive and Dropbox only, Ballloon added support for Microsoft’s OneDrive and Box.

Saving a Web file to the cloud should be saving a Web file to the cloud, not saving it locally first then uploading it to cloud. Files are transferred directly from Web to your cloud, so it does not use your bandwidth. You can keep doing what you are doing or even turn off your devices, the file will arrive. It just does the right thing.

Ballloon Link Saving

The service is pretty much useful for regular Cloud services users. Using one click you can save anything on the Internet to your personal cloud account. Overall it is a very good service to directly save images and links to Google Drive and Dropbox easily without much effort.

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Download Ballloon Extension for Google Chrome.

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    David Carl1 Nov 7, 2014 at 6:54 am

    I was looking for a service to send files “Directly” to the cloud thus bypassing any uploads and downloads using my internet bandwidth and this is the only one you’ll need. I’d rate it 6 stars if i could. See

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    Rahul Vithala Jul 4, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Thank you.

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