Secure Your Cloud Data From Hack!

Having your own sound cloud is undoubtedly a great thing, and we understand this. It’s the place you can store hoards of data without anyone having access to the sneak inside but does that mean your data is not visible at all.

For all we know, hackers are smarter than you and decoding access to your cloud just another time pass for them. They can harm your files, leak confidential content to competitors and so keeping the cloud safe against hackers is a must, no matter what the expense.

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Create Solid Backups for Everything

If your data gets hacked, you must understand two basic things. The hacker was smarter than you and you were too lazy to protect it. However, you can interrupt one possibility with a backup as a protection against the hackers by securing your data in multiple locations and if possible in different hard drives.

Password Protection – Use as Many as Passwords to Barricade Every Point Of Entry

I know you do protect your account and the details within, with a secured password. However, passwords are like security gates, which can be passed by professional hackers. Therefore, you need to protect the data with different passwords with every single online account.  Moreover, safeguard the data in accounts within additional passwords to reduce the security risk of account hacking.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This one is certainly an important security step that is offered by both Facebook and Google. With this move, you can protect your data with a password and question who’s answer probably only you know.  It is quite similar to login approval with Facebook and is quite protective against unfamiliar authentications.

Avoid Linking Accounts Together

We all love sharing data on social networking sites, but this is one common mistake hackers exploits the most. Never link all your accounts together. Not only does it increase the chances of hacking your cloud account, but also confines your social networking accounts. This can result in loss of personal information, collection and even bank account information.

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