Know The Android App Permissions And Activity Easily With App Permission Watcher

The worlds most popular mobile operating system Android is unfortunately most vulnerable to malware attacks. Being an open source platform Android allows anyone to develop stuff, therefore allowing modders to implement suspicious code to the apps. Problem mainly comes in third party apps, ton of apps available in Google Play store that let users decide to give permissions.

To get detailed idea of which app is accessing permissions on your Android install App Permission Watcher. It monitors all apps activity and warns you about suspicious permissions combinations that can be used by malicious app. App Permissions Watcher is as simple-to-use as they come. Once installed, just launch the app and hit the list of suspicious apps to see which apps are using suspicious combinations of permissions. Unfortunately it can’t change the permissions, it only warns you about the app activity.

App Permission Watcher

The user interface of the app carries three options.

  • List of Suspicious Apps
  • List Apps
  • List Permissions

App Permission Watcher is available in Google Play Store as a ad free app.

Download App Permission Watcher.

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