Amigabit PowerBooster-A Powerful Windows Cleaning Tool Review

Keeping your PC clean is integral for its longevity. Therefore, you must regularly check your PC for junk files, unwanted shortcuts, registry errors. There are many tools out there that let you perform maintenance tasks to keep you PC healthy. One of them is Amigabit PowerBooster, it is a highly robust Windows cleaner that determines the overall health of your computer by performing a number of cleaning activities.

It provides users with a centralized and easy-to-navigate interface, enabling you to clean junk, uninstall unused applications, defrag hard disk, scan and fix registry errors, manage Windows startup and finds duplicate files.

Amigabit PowerBooster Cleaning

Amigabit PowerBooster User Interface

After downloading and installation of program it starts with a very decent user interface. A big scan button appears on the dark background. After clicking on the button it instantly scans your computer, this can usually last anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes depending on your system performance and registry size. After scanning it automatically cleans all unwanted files.

Amigabit PowerBooster Expert Mode

The main screen carries Expert mode, Simplified mode, Standard and Turbo Boost options. Simplified mode shows only Scan button (default user interface) where as Expert mode shows the care and tools categories.

Amigabit Registry Cleaner

In the tools category you have different kinds of cleaning options available. Clicking on each option opens a corresponding window to perform the task.

It has options like

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner

Clean and delete junk files are saved in your hard drives by recovering more space.

Registry Cleaner

Solve the PC sudden crashing problems by Registry clean and error-free.

Startup Manager

Customize the start menu items by enabling and disabling to make your system faster.

Process Manager

Check and kill unwanted programs running on your computer easily with Process Manager.

Uninstall Manager

Uninstall Manager

Uninstall unwanted and rarely using programs easily with Uninstall Manager.

Driver Backup

Backup and restore your drivers on your computer easily with Driver Backup.

Disk Defragment

Defragment files on your disks to speed up your PC performance.

Cloned File Finder

Find and remove duplicate files on your PC to recover hard disk space.

Registry Defragment

Registry Defragment

Speedup startup and shutdown times and stop the system failure with the Registry defrag.

Disk Check

It scans your hard disks and checks the errors like bad sectors and directory errors.

Context Menu Fixer

Customize your right click and optimize the Context Menu with Context Menu Fixer.

Shutdown Scheduler

Shutdown Scheduler

Schedule your computer at a specified time to automatically shutdown.

Shortcut Cleaner

Clean unwanted or broken shortcuts on your desktop with Shortcut Cleaner.

Memory Manager

Quickly boost your RAM by defraging to run your PC smoothly with Memory Manager.

File Encryption

Encrypt and preserve your important files with File Encryption.

File Shredder

File Shredder

Recover important files when you lost even after recycle, File Shredder recovers files for you.

File Splitter

Split large files to move them onto other devices easily with File Splitter.

Empty Folder Finder

It removes unwanted empty folders and other junk files to make your hard drive faster.

Top File Finder

It can show unwanted large size files in a simple manner to remove them easily.



Recover accidentally deleted files from hard drive with Undelete.

Each and every option included in the program are very useful for Windows users undoubtedly. Features like Context Menu Fixer, Driver Backup and Cloned File Finder are rarely available in a single program.


To sum everything up, Amigabit PowerBooster is a robust cleaning tool packed with a wide array of features. Literally it is a must have maintenance tool for Windows users.

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