Save Online Text Easily On Google Drive With Save Text To Google Drive Chrome Extension

It is very complicated to save the important text in websites manually when browsing. Better is to use Save Text To Google Drive extension for Google Chrome. It is a very simple and feature rich extension; it does what it says.

Using this extension you can directly save plain text to your Google Drive directly. After installing the extension, it works from Chrome navigation bar. First, you need to authorize the extension with your Google account.

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Developer Words

Owlsee will cache the opened file for the user experience and performance reason. When opening the gdrive’s file by, Owlsee will turn the plain text file to well-structured format for human view, remove redundancy empty line, remove html tags, separate the long file to multiple parts. Caching file will reduce overhead and improve response time.

All text Sve text to Google Drive

After authorization clicking on the icon shows the present opened entire web page text including links if you want to be selected text just copy the text and paste in the box.

Save text to Google Drive Saving

After editing the custom text click on save button to directly save into your Google Drive. It shows the saving progress in a separate window, after successful saving the window automatically closes.

You can view the saved files in Google Drive in simple text format or use the Owlsee textReader app. The textReader app comes as a built in feature in extension. It is worth mentioning here that the Save Text To Google Drive is a very useful extension for students and working people. It is available in Chrome Web Store for free.

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Owlsee Features

  • Save Text to Google Drive.
  • You can set a path for saving, the default path is the root.
  • You can read it by Owlsee textReader.

Download Save Text To Google Drive.

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