Turn Your Android Phone Into A PC Gamepad With GestureWorks Gameplay

We already discussed how to turn your Android phone into PS3 remote control using BlueputDroid app. Now it is the time for PC, you can turn your Android into a PC gamepad with GesturesWorks Gameplay app. Windows is great gaming platform, everyone can’t buy a console for gaming. You don’t need to spend thousends of bucks to buy an expensive device when you have a PC.

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GestureWorks created a simple app to turn Android into a gamepad, it lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control for specific PC titles. When you open app you can see on screen controls and also you can customize the on screen buttons. The app costs $15 to get the full version, and soon it is available on Steam. It saves money to buy an expensive gamepad to your computer if you have an Android device.

This app is no longer available.

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