Ten Big E Commerce Stores That Love Offering Online Coupons

It’s easy to forget to search for promo coupon codes when you’re shopping online. You’re usually in a hurry, and check out can be time-consuming, so you often hit enter before you’ve looked around online for a coupon code. Some Internet retailers flood the Web with online coupons, others are more selective, but almost every E-Commerce website offers discounts and coupons at one time or another. Here’s our handy list of Ten Big E-Commerce Stores That Love To publish their Online Coupons at ChameleonJohn



Sears has fallen a long way since they were considered the King of catalog sales, but they’re trying to catch up in the world of E-Commerce. Sears offers an online coupon code for almost everything they carry in their stores at one time or another, and they’re fond of offering non-specific coupon promo codes for big money off your total purchases, too, which can sometimes be combined. Sears sells all sorts of things online that they don’t carry in their stores, so be on the lookout for those items as well.


JC Penney

JCPenney stuck their hand in a colony of bad press when they stopped offering coupons and sales in their stores, but they’ve gone back to their old way of pricing and discounting, and that includes their online store. You can often find promo coupon codes for 15 percent off of anything in their stores, with no minimum order, and they often offer a much bigger coupon code for bigger ticket items or different product categories.


Walgreens is a big discounter generally, but online they’re more selective. Look for an online coupon code for vitamins, contact lenses, and other selected items, and the occasional sitewide discounts as well.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is really a coupon code company that sells underwear on the side. Their stores, catalogs, and email marketing campaigns are constantly offering every kind of discount you can imagine. At the very least, you should be able to get free shipping on everything, all the time.


Office supply stores are constantly offering promo coupon deals on a portion of their wares, and that selection of discounted goods varies a lot. There are lots of suppliers that want to offer discounts to move stock, so you’ll have to check every time you shop to see what’s on sale. Quill also likes to give free gifts with select purchases, so keep an eye out for those, too.

Bath and Body Works

Everyone always needs something that Bath and Body Works sells, but finding the exact coupon you need, when you need it, can take a little work. They don’t like offering multiple discounts, but they don’t mind applying an online coupon code to a BOGO offer.


Macy’s has a very regular schedule of coupon promos, usually discounts off your entire purchase at checkout, which is more useful than specific item discounts.


Kohl’s likes giving out coupons, and they don’t mind one bit if you combine specific item coupons with total order coupons to save twice. If nothing else, you can usually get free shipping.


Kmart and Sears are the same company now, and both of them are trying hard to get a foothold in E-Commerce, so look for lots of savings online before you buy anything there. They like to put coupons online that you print out and bring to the store.


Here’s a true E-Commerce store that offers lots of online coupons. They seem to want to get people in the habit of getting apparel from them, and like to entice you with big 20 to 40 percent off coupons with no minimum purchase required.


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