TimeAway-Android App Review

The digital world is simplifying our life. Few years back computers are only source of information medium. These days computers are replaced by smartphones and tablets, they become popular in very short span of time and literally everyone are started using it. They comes with more features than computers offer, children can easily become addicted to them. Concerning parents can stop their children excessive usage of mobile devices with a app. TimeAway is a new Android application which allows to monitor their kids usage and app downloads etc.

TimeAway App for Android Parental Blocking

To get started download the TimeAway app from Google Play Store and install on your device. After installation you need to sign up for a account as a parent and a kid. After sign up you need to enter a 5 digit passcode of your choice, which is useful for limiting device usage. The app allows you upto six devices on a free account. In order to use this app you will need to install it on both your and your kid’s device with a working internet connection on both the devices. The app works online and exchanges the tracked data between the parent and kid devices.

The app sports features like location tracker to locate your children on Google Maps and daily summary report to know how much time your child has spent on the device. Another interesting feature is lock and unlocking, you can instantly lock and unlock the device using five digit passcode. Overall, it is a pretty good app for parents to control their children usage of smartphones and tablets.


  • Monitor your kids’ device usage & app downloads
  • Locate your kids when they are “on the go”
  • Pause all devices for family events, like dinner time
  • Set “TimeAway” schedules, like school time or bedtime
  • Create time limits for apps
  • Block apps

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