5 Emerging Hubs Rivalling Silicon Valley

Think high tech and you think of Silicon Valley, the legendary California district that has spawned some of the biggest names in the tech business. But with world economies drastically changing, maybe it’s time for a new valley to come to the fore. Here are five emerging hubs that have the potential to rival the famous Silicon Valley.

Shenzhen, China

Home to three of the largest electronics producers in the world (Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE), China’s Shenzhen used to be a small fishing village. That community has become a massive tech hub in the past few years. Sure, Shenzhen has access to rapidly growing Asian markets, but it’s also close enough to Hong Kong to profit from deals and customers from outside Asia.

Ultimo, Australia

You might not think of far-flung Australia as being a tech hub, but with the current government pouring millions of dollars into a project backed not only by numerous tech companies but also the country’s tech universities, you could be wrong. There is already 240 tech start-up companies in Ultimo, and the recent funding increase means more are certain to come.

Popular Slicon Valley

Berlin, Germany

While Berlin might not be as surprising as some other areas on this list; the truth is that the city is still home to thousands of aspiring techies. From app builders to graphic artists and more, Berlin has the start-up atmosphere that used to belong solely to San Francisco. Low cost of living (by European standards, anyway) has meant that Berlin has been able to attract many companies that are looking to start up on a budget.

Tech City, London, UK

Tech City has the potential to become a big hitter in the tech world. Linking the two financial districts of the City and East London, the area has attracted not only a lot of interest but a lot of investment as well. One of the biggest advantages in Tech City is its proximity to the European and Russian markets, with the convenience of an English-speaking business world. Plus, this is the third largest start up a cluster in the world, after San Francisco and New York. Many specialist recruitment agencies have developed to serve technology companies here, foremost among them is Randstad, but there are many others, and it is their presence that will serve to drive Tech City forward.

A Place Somewhere in Russia…

There have been rumours for years about a Russian Silicon Valley, with locations constantly changing, and nothing has yet appeared. However, the truth is that Russia has both the money and the brain power to rival Silicon Valley. There might not be anything definite on the horizon right now, but the potential is there for the future.

Where will the next Silicon Valley be? Europe, Asia, even Australia? Take your pick, as all 5 of these hubs have the potential to rival California’s tech superiority.


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