How To Record Google+ Hangout Videos

Google+ Hangout is a great communication medium to make conference calls, online interviews and much more. Recording a Google+ Hangout is easy using the “On Air” feature but it needs complex configuration.You might have wished to save the hangout videos easily, here is our simple solution to record Google+ hangout videos.

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How To Record Google+ Hangout Videos

Camtasia for Google+ Hangouts recording


Using Camtasia anyone can record their Google+ hangout session videos. Camtasia is best software to handle screencasting. If you are using Snagit, you can use that too like Camtasia to record the video calls. Camtasia comes with features like editing videos, recorded videos uploading to Google Drive, and straight publishing video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much more.



Screenr is a great tool record Google+ Hangouts. You can record upto 5min of live video stream with Screenr. Using social media integration in the program you can automatically allows to share the recorded Hangout video on multiple social platforms like Facebook and Twitter etc.

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