SynciOS Review-Manage Your iOS Device Like Never Before

Even if you are a die-hard fan of iOS, there is no denying that iTunes is not one of the best Apple’s device and music management program. Without iTunes you can’t sync your files between your PC and iPhone, iPad or iPod. The limitation that iTunes features imposes a number of hurdles to manage your data. iTunes offer only music,app,photos and ebooks management and syncing.

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SynciOS is a great program that lets you sync media, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, bookmarks between iOS device and PC. No matter how large your device library is, SynciOS can take care of all your device management needs. Apart from traditional sync program the SynciOS offers features like Ringtone maker, audio and video converter, mobile hard disk and much more. For detailed features description and usage tips, Let’s take a look!

SynciOS User Interface

SynciOS User Interface

The first thing you’ll notice about the interface is that it looks really polished. After opening the program when you connect the device it easily detects it and displays your device information. In the information section it display the info like product type, serial number, jailbreak status, region info, iOS version, battery status and phone number. At the bottom you’ll find storage capacity bar like in iTunes. The top of the interface comprises My Device, online videos, online resources and Toolkit.

The left panel shows the options like Media, Photos, eBook, Apps and Information. When you click on Media category it shows the device songs list. On the top of the songs list the import, export, delete and new playlist options. You can export the entire library by clicking the on the export button. On the right side panel the extended view of media options includes Music, videos, ringtones, podcasts, TV shows, Audiobooks, Music videos, Voice memos and iTunes U.

SynciOS Photo Manager

Right on the phone information screen you can easily access File System, Photo Manager and Ringtone Maker. File System windows displays the system files on your device. Photo Manager shows all the photos available on the device in a single click.

SynciOS Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is one of the most important feature to create your favorite ringtones within the program.

SynciOS eBook Upload

The eBook section same like media section to import and export eBook files. The file formats includes epub and pdf.

SynciOS App Managment

Clicking on the app section will opens the list of installed apps on the device. Here you can install local applications from your PC. The apps section also contains uninstall and backup option. You can uninstall multiple apps at once by selecting one or more apps by clicking on ctrl+select.

SynciOS Online Videos

The Online Videos section very useful tool to download online videos from sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more. To download a video copy and paste the video URL link on the add URL. The best part of the tool is it asks the available resolutions to download.

SynciOS Online Resources

Next the Online Resources section contains the third party app store Apps&Games. It contains all types of categories like in the Apple app store. When you click on a specific app, you can download the app directly from iTunes store or Jailbroken version of the app for the jailbroken phones.

SynciOS Toolkit

Toolkit section contains most comprehensive features required by a perfect iOS desktop manager. This one section is easy enough to bypass the default desktop management tool for iOS. The toolkit is divided in three categories, common functions, device management and GEEK functions. I personally liked the audio and video converter, file system and Mobile Hard disk. These options not included in iTunes and very much needed by the iOS users.


Wrapping it up, the SynciOS is a wonderful tool which has a lot of potential to handle an iOS device with ease. In my experience, the SynciOS is a perfect alternative to the iTunes and manage your iOS device like never before.

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