4 Affordable Mobile Processing Solutions: Take Credit Cards Anywhere

Gone are days when people carry cash to buy something. In today’s market, if you are engaged in selling products and services, you should be capable of accepting credit cards from your customers. So far, this has been tested to be a problem for home based and small businesses for the reason that credit card payment processing requires the use of a credit card terminal machine and expensive monthly fees. These businesses need to determine whether the money spent were worthy of the benefits given to their clients.  But, this is not a problem anymore there is already a solution like the EMV Merchant Processing Cincinnati.

Because of the introduction of iPhone and the other online applications, every business can now accept credit cards anytime and anywhere. What is even better is that it is totally cheap! This means that a business can begin accepting credits card payments with a small to no fee at all. What is only needed are a smartphone and a reliable internet connection to begin.

You may ask, are there affordable mobile processing solutions? The answer to this is a yes! And here are the top 4 affordable mobile processing solutions that you can select from:

Square Card Reader


This is one of the favorite choices of many business owners because it offers a free card reader, which is connected to the earphone jack. Also, their software is free and is as straightforward as downloading new applications from the play store or the app store.

With Square, there is not a monthly fee or even a set-up fee. It has a very simple pricing plan, and that is one 2.75 percent charge for every card swipe. It also provides reporting features to their clients to monitor their payments, next-day straight deposit of funds, and quick set-up. Moreover, if the card reader cannot able to gather the information, the credit card number can be manually entered.

Intuit GoPayment

2.Intuit GoPayment

This mobile processing solution is a creation of Intuit. Their solution is just similar to what Square can offer. They also provide a free card reader, and also charge a single 2.7% transaction fee for each card swiped or 3.7% fee for manually entered transaction. Also, it offers an option wherein the merchant can just text or email a receipt to the customers.


This also offers the same services the as two mentioned above. However, Innerfence has a different pricing. It charges a monthly fee is amounting to $25 in addition to a transaction fee that costs $0.24 and 1.74% to 3.79%.  If the details of the credit card are manually entered, the cost of the transaction will be a little higher. Innerfence also provides a free card reader and software.

4.PAYware Mobile

This is another practical choice from Verifone, although it may still result in an even costlier choice. The app for iPhone is free, but your monthly charges will depend on the merchant gateway services to whom you will contract with. You will likely pay $49 as set up fee. Compared to the first three mobile processing solutions, PAYware Mobile does not offer a free card reader as it is paid at $149. However, they are willing to give it for free if you will subscribe for a two-year contract. Its monthly fee costs around $20 to $30, and it charges several cents for each transaction.

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