SQLBackupAndFTP Review-Backup And Schedule Databases

SQL Database backup is a must have task to protect your data from unexpected loss. There are so many reasons for the data loss in servers. Database mirroring, hackers attack and sometimes unexpected failures in servers causes the data loss. It is good to have regular backups to backup and restore the data in your MS SQL server databases.

SQLBackupAndFTP User Interface

Most of the servers offers database backup feature on their cPanel, but the features are limited and don’t offer compression modes, custom locations and regular backups. It is better to opt for third party database management tools to perform daily database management tasks. Today I found a perfect database management tool to schedule, backup your databases easily with SQLBackupAndFTP. Here is our full SQLBackupAndFTP Review. This tool is capable of easy SQL backup database and allows a pretty easy process of restore SQL database from backup.

SQL Server Azure Connection

SQLBackupAndFTP aim is simple, it lets you to backup database SQL with various options. You can save your SQL database in Zip format with encryption on a remote FTP location. To get started download the program from the official website and install it. After opening the program, it starts with a simple box with login options. In order to login into the server, you need to enter your server name using Windows Authentication or SQL server authentication.

After secure connection established with your server, the program shows its main user interface. The program main user interface contains all the required backup options and features. Even a newbie can understand the usability of the program using their fairly understanding options.

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Here in the main UI the left side shows the connected database file system, to backup you can check the selected files. On the right side, it has the options like backup destination, email confirmation and scheduling options.

SQLBackupAndFTP Backup Destinations

Here the best part of the program comes, SQLBackupAndFTP allows various locations to store your backups automatically. You can run scheduled backups of SQL database files into Zip format and store them on FTP server, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Windows Azure cloud drives directly.

It also sends email to you about the successful backup completion. For security, the program encrypts files in the Zip format with AES encryption, which is a strong encryption method followed by US Government.

SQLBackupAndFTP Dropbox Authorization

For the first time to connect cloud drive as a destination for your database backup first, you need to authorize the service with your cloud credentials. For example, it opens a web page after selecting Dropbox as “add backup destination” in the program.

SQLBackupAndFTP Email Settings

Email confirmations are useful to notify about the success or failure of the backup task. For backup logs and notifications the program offers free email settings to Gmail, if you are using another email account you can configure settings manually clicking on the gear icon.

Advance Backup Schedule option in SQLBackupAndFTP

The “Schedule this job” offers advanced backup schedule option to the user. It is a very useful option to automate the backup task easily on a particular time and date.

Advanced Settings in SQLBackupAndFTP

Advanced settings option lets you to backup in temporary folders for large databases. You can also save log in your local PC by clicking on the Miscellaneous option. For advanced users, the compression settings come very handily to backup files in desired zip formats like .zip and .7z.

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The program is very extensively useful for every SQL user to secure their databases before any unexpected data loss. The SQLBackupAndFTP is available in free, lite, standard, professional and Professional Lifetime versions. The free version only offers 2 databases at a time and Dropbox as a cloud destination. If you want the full working program and remove limitations you can go for paid version. This tool is useful for users using cloud based server hosting, the user can use it as a secondary backup solution for safe side.

Download SQLBackupAndFTP.

SQLBackupAndFTP Review
9.5 Overall
The program is very extensively useful for every SQL user to secure their databases before any unexpected data loss. The SQLBackupAndFTP is available in free, lite, standard, professional and Professional Lifetime versions.
Value for money9.5


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