How To Install Microsoft Windows 10 Preview In VirtualBox

Microsoft had announced and unveiled the Windows 10 and its technical preview versions. Now it is the time install and test the Windows 10 preview versions on your machines. Users can directly install Windows 10 on a PC or test in a VirtualBox. This tutorial is helpful to those who want test the preview on a VirtualBox.

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To get started, you need to download Windows 10 preview version and VirtualBox. In our earlier post we already provided the Windows 10 Technical Preview download links. Install the VirtualBox and open it.

VirtualBox Installing Windows 10

Here click on the “New” button in the main window to create a new virtual machine. Here enter the name as Windows 10 and select the Windows 9.1 32 bit version. Follow the instructions and select the default options.

VirtualBox Add CD button

After the following all the screen instruction the VirtualBox opens, here click on the settings button. Under the settings button clcik on storage and next to “Controller: IDE” button click on the add CD button. Here select the downloaded ISO image of Windows 10 on your computer.

After adding the ISO image to VirtualBox it will take some time to start. Next you can start and boot the Windows 10 using VirtualBox.


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