How To Prevent Your Email From Getting Hacked

A hacked email account can give sleepless nights to anyone. An intruder who cannot be seen or identified so easily is often hard to handle. Read on to know what you can do if your email account gets hacked!

Many have dealt with the trauma of getting our e-mails hacked. It may have been via a social site or a so called “secure online service” that we assumed to be absolutely secure. Have you been a victim too?

You can seek assistance of an IT support professional or dedicated IT support service companies for this but in most cases, it is possible to handle the situation on your own.

Well, this time go for multiple tiers of security to ensure that future hacks are next to impossible. Besides the facility of intricate passwords that you have to use at your own end, email service providers are also offering coded logins now. A two or three step authentication process will keep your account much more secure.

Prevent your email from getting hacked

You don’t have to be a hacker yourself or read tonnes of tutorials on how to deal with email accounts. It’s pretty straightforward:

1. Access Your E Mail

Try to login with your old password and if that fails, try “forgot your password” facility. Once you get in, change the password immediately. Try a new code that is longer, stronger, has multiple characters, and is in different cases.

2. Check All Your Accounts

Once you get access to your email, it is crucial that you change the password for all related accounts.

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All accounts for services such as twitter, Facebook or Internet banking need to be secured with a new password. This is especially important for accounts where you have used your email account as the username to login.

Don’t forget that the hacker may have probably used the email account to gain access to other accounts as well. Now check your trash, junk and sent mail folders for any password reset requests.

3. Go through Your Spam Folder

A certain category of hackers will try to get in touch with your contacts pretending to be you. They will try to send phishing mails from your account, in order to get access to more accounts. The only way to check this is to go through your sent mail folder and the inbox to see any correspondence of the sort.

Inform your contacts who may have been contacted by the hacker to be wary of any spam.

4. Thoroughly Check Your Apps

Once you are done checking your e mail, shift focus to access points of your e mail account. Check if you can get in from all the usual devices, and access points. Change the password on each and every device to ensure that it is secure and safe. The settings tab is the most common point in most accounts to change access info.

5. Be a Step Ahead In The Future

A simple password will not be able to guard your account anymore. Keeping the following points in mind will –

  • Keep a long password as it is difficult to hack.
  • Design a mixture of lower and uppercase, special characters and numbers too.
  • Avoid using dictionary words as they are very easy to break
  • Do not repeat your password; always use a new one

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