Thief Getaway-Android Game Review

Thief Getaway is an Android game that features pretty straightforward and addictive gameplay. Briefly, the game is colorful and bright, the cartoon style of Thief Getaway is a lot of fun to play on both smartphone and tablet. Praising is over, here is our full review of Thief Getaway.

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What is Thief Getaway?

Thief Getaway is a simple Android game with decent gameplay. The game is fully animated with a funny thief character; it is attractive to play and as well as fun. The gameplay is casual; you are tasked with moving and escaping the thief from one pipeline to other without falling. So, you’ll need to help the thief to escape and jump from pipes.

Thief Getaway Game Play

Game Play

Once it is installed, you can start the game on your Android device home screen. The game is designed in such a decent way that you’ll find only play and music on/off option on the main screen. It is simple and straightforward. Upon clicking on the play button the game instantly starts with thief climbing down using pipes.

Thief Getaway Game review

For the scoring purpose, coins are used on the two sides of a pipe. You can collect coins by tapping on the left and right side of the screen. Once the pipe is coming to end you need to help the thief to jump on the next pipe by dragging the finger on the side of the new pipe. Once you failed to help the thief from jumping the thief will fall, and game will be over.

Where it excels?

Good game for a quick play here and there, loads and starts very quickly.

Where it falls?

Might be too simple for those who expect a bit more from Android games.

Thief Getaway Game Over


The developer tries to create an incredibly easy game for Android users, and he successfully achieved the target. I’m a big fan of casual genre games because they don’t need any typical settings, heavy loading times and internet connectivity. Thief Getaway has succeeded all the hurdles to become a good casual game at free of cost. Overall, it is an excellent game; it is well presented, and it doesn’t ask too much from its players.

Download Thief Getaway.

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