Best 5 System Monitoring Apps For Android

Android is most popular OS for its customization features. There are lots of system monitoring apps in the Android Market. And also there are number of apps to help you monitor the smartphone system resources.

In this article I’ve personally tested and selected best 5 system monitoring apps for Android. Each app listed below features unique options, usability to the users and provides a chance to customize styles for the device.

App Monitor Performance Tool

App Monitor Performance Tool

App Monitor Performance Tool is comes with various monitoring tools to monitor Android. It is uniquely crowd-sourced to provide best way to analyse your Android device performance. It alerts you when your device is running out of juice, high data usage apps and much more.

Download App Monitor Performance Tool.



CCleaner is a very popular cleaning tool available for Windows. Now the deelopers are entered into the Android OS with CCleaner app. It is a one stop solution for your Android to monitor, analyze and clean your device.

Download CCleaner.



CPU-Z is a popular app for providing all the system related information on its dead simple user interface. User can easily know the device specifications easily with CPU-Z.

Download CPU-Z.


Tinycore – CPU, Memory monitor

Tinycore is a simple app that sits in your device status bar to provide more information about system resources. It offers a minimalistic design and very light on system resources.

Download Tinycore – CPU, Memory monitor.

OS Monitor

OS Monitor

OS Monitor monitor all the system processes, connections, battery process, network and file systems and messages. Its dead simple interface makes monitoring quite is with user-friendly nature.

Download OS Monitor.



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