20 Facts To Know Why Anti Virus Is A Must For Small Business Security

Hackers and malware practices are everywhere, and to be honest, in the digitalized world of today, you are connected with everyone and everything so deeply, and in some instances even with the people, you would not want to be connected with. An antivirus has become an essential thing for small businesses to keep their operating system secure and remove the chances of any leaks happening.

Facts about Hackers, Malware, and Phishing That Might Encourage You to Secure Your Systems

  1. Hackers are everywhere. They might even be listening to the phone calls you make or mapping all your moves.
  2. If the hackers have the power to shut down a power plant, then they can most certainly hack into your operating system.
  3. Computers are not to blame for hacks. There are people out there who initiate the hacking process, thereby threatening your entire system.
  4. If your computer is connected to the internet, you are at a risk of being attacked by hackers.
  5. Hackers are capable of doing a lot of things. They can:
    1. Hijack usernames and passwords.
    2. Steal your business account details.
    3. Make purchases on your behalf without you even knowing.
    4. Obtain the cash advances.
    5. Make use of or even abuse your social security number.
    6. Sell your personal and highly confidential business information to third parties.
  6. They can attack you from just about anywhere.
  7. Hackers might even try getting in touch with you.
  8. You can get spam messages in your inbox which you should never open if from an unknown and unreliable source.
  9. Phishers would try to lure you into websites that are fraud and made specifically to steal your information related to names, bank account numbers, credit cards, financial account information, and social security numbers.
  10. Phishing messages have had a history of hijacking into accounts of some of the top brands.
  11. 95% of the phishing emails pretend that they are from banks, eBay, or Amazon.
  12. Tons of fake URLs exists that lead to phishing web pages.
  13. Hackers normally go for the smaller businesses because they know that they are easier targets.
  14. Even the most experienced of companies and people are not safe from malware and hacker threats.
  15. There is so much invisible spam out there.
  16. The hackers are just getting better day by day and coming up with new, improved, and better ways to hack.
  17. Hackers know that the information that they will get from small businesses will be enough, and they would not need to target big companies.
  18. Business vulnerability increases if they are not protected against hackers, phishers, and malware.
  19. Small businesses have huge amounts of data and file sharing happening at the same time. This is exactly what these hackers are after.
  20. Sometimes, a business will not even be able to tell how much information has already been leaked from their systems before it is too late.

These facts clearly indicate how important it is for businesses to get virus protection software for business security. An anti-virus will help to secure your operating systems from external threats and keep hackers and phishers away from your systems. This is because having an antivirus helps to create a blockage that these hackers are then unable to surpass or break. Small businesses are highly vulnerable to these threats, and therefore they should act fast to ensure that their systems remain, safe, secure, and free from any valuable leakages.

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