Most Secure Messaging Apps For Your Conversations

We daily use to chat using messaging apps in our smartphones. The revelations by Edward Snowden about the surveillance and hackers attacks made more security concern about picking the messaging apps.

The recent reports by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) some established mobile apps are failed in the first phase of new secure & usable crypto campaign.

EFF created a scorecard based on encryption transit, open to independent review, proper security design documentation, and recent code audit. It is very hard to pick up the secure texting apps from the list, because so many are available. To help our audience we picked some most secure Messaging Apps for your conversations.


TextSecure Private Messenger (Android)

TextSecure Private Messenger is a very privacy oriented. It is a free and open source private chat application for Android. It uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep conversations safe. TextSecure server never saves any passwords, metadata or any communication of you.

Silent Text

Silent Text – secure messages (Android)

Silent Text is a secure encrypted text messaging app for your Android. The app works on peer-to-peer key management to keep your data in a most secured way. Silent Text will not store any users data on their servers. The user can also send files and attachments using this service in a secured way. (Both parties needs to install the app on their mobiles).

Cryptocat (For Chrome & Firefox)

Cryptocat is a free open source chat assistant for desktop browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Cryptocat offers group messaging and file sharing features with ease.



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