Immerse Volvo XC90 Experience Virtually With Volvo Reality

Google’s simplest and most futuristic product Google Cardboard is introduced in Google I/O event,2014. Google Cardboard is a fully functional virtual reality headset made with cardboard. It costs only few dollars to made and Google is already providing design kit on their website for DIY purpose.

Google Cardboard

Now Volvo is the first car company to take advantage of cardboard VR headset made by Google. The app is designed to take a complete experience of its upcoming XC90 SUV model. The app gives you an immerse experience of Volvo XC90 with interior and external climate changes with different shades of lighting. You can completely check cabinet of the car with full 360 degrees angle from the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

Basically it is a first step towards the mix up of futuristic technology with marketing strategy. For tech and car enthusiasts it is a step towards to get car user experience virtually. Both app is available free for both Android and iOS and cardboard are free to try.

Download Volvo Reality for Android.

Download Volvo Reality for iOS.


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