FLIO Is A Collapsible, Stylish Ultra Slim Wooden Stand For Your Laptop

Laptops are one of the most productive machines we have. For its portability and convenience laptops are still maintaining its importance along with next gen tablets and smartphones. A good laptop stand can make your work space more productive and organized. FLIO is a ultra slim wooden laptop stand currently funding in KickStarter.

FLIO Folding

FLIO is created by Vlad Butucarie from Netherlands. The main advantage of this stylish Laptop stand is to provide good working environment by avoiding common problems like back pain and uncomfortable viewing angles. In most cases we work in a uncomfortable position that leads to stress and pains. It gives freedom to work with your laptop anywhere you go.

FLIO Weight Withstand

The usability of FLIO is very easy, you can carry the FLIO along with your laptop in you backpack. It can withstand upto 30 kg weight (tested), so you no need worry about the stability of the FLIO for heavy and bulky laptops.

FLIO Airflow Design

It’s design is simple and responsive, FLIO allows the air through its design and keeps your laptop cool from heating.

Flio is a collapsible laptop stand that offers an ergonomic viewing height and keeps an angle for easy typing anywhere you go.

FLIO Laptop Stand

The stand is comes in five variants, the base version is built of hardwood finish and remaining are Eucalyptus Hardboard, Oil Tempered Hardwood, Beech wood with natural finish and Bamboo.

FLIO Wood Finish

FLIO is currently funding in KickStarter and already raised one fourth of its goal. You can back this project with a minimum amount of $1. For more details checkout the FLIO KickStarter page.

source: KickStarter.

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