7 Web Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for pumpkin-flavored everything. It’s time for reflection on the year has gone by, and renewed hope for the year ahead. And, of course, it’s time to look at the ever-evolving style of the web with an eye on what’s to come.

Past trends are becoming ubiquitous – indeed, required – while current trends are still being shaped. You’ll see the rise of some new ones, too, and you’re going to have to strap your socks on for what’s to come to 2015! And no one’s more excited than the creative professionals at cheap webdesign who’ve put together this list.

Responsive Moves Beyond Trend Status

The rise of responsive web design is no surprise, especially with the expanding role that the mobile Internet plays in our daily lives. The thing is, there are still a surprising number of websites that have yet to become responsive. Responsive design is no longer a trend – in 2015; it’s a requirement. Need some inspiration? Here are 50 examples of great responsive web design from Designmodo.

Scrolling, Scrollin’, Scrollin’

Now that you have to make your site more responsive, here’s a tip – clicking is out, scrolling is in. The concept is simple, as it just means using a single page. The navigation bar stays, but you’re navigating within the page, cutting down on load times and making the whole experience a bit more intuitive.

Typography Gets Flexibility

The year of the web font is upon us More and more sites are using them, and for good reason. Not only are they more efficient, but they’re poised to improve web aesthetics and add levels of functionality that we’ve yet to imagine even.

Ever heard of Typecast? It’s a fun way to play with font design using over 23,000 web fonts.

Flat Design

Google just unveiled their new direction for mobile design, and while they released a very elegant brief on the subject, they’re talking about flat design. Simple objects, lots of layering, and subtle gradients dominate the style, and you can expect to see even more of it in 2015.


Many leading-edge websites are already paving the way for the inevitable rise of video in web design. Trends like the video background aren’t always easy to pull off, but when it works, it’s a magnificent sight to behold. Keep watch as innovative designers find more ways to bring more video into our lives.


The continued rise of flat design and the use of video are both part of a broader aim to enhance engagement, and Microinteractions fit right in with that theme. They’re self-contained and user-relevant ‘experiences’, like an easily-dismissed pop-up form that you can use to register for a newsletter, which involves the user without being a barrier.

If you’d like some more information about micro-interactions, including some great examples, click here for Creative Bloq’s article on how to Improve Your Websites with Microinteractions.

Web graphics

Web graphics are going to play an increasingly important role in conveying information on the Internet. The concept is simple – information is more interesting when it’s displayed in the form of graphics, hence the popularity of infographics. Web graphics are the next evolution of infographics. They add interactivity; they improve retention, and, you guessed it, they enhance engagement. VentureBeat wrote a great article about the rise of web graphics called “Infographics are dead. Long live web graphics” that outlines the theory – it’s well worth a read.


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