Turn Your Old Window Shades Into Smart Shades With RISE

Every day after we woke up we use to open the window manually. The technology is so much advanced and making our homes into smart homes. RISE is a shade that turns your old window into smart shade. Smart shade works with your Android or iOS device and you can easily control the moment of window blinds.

RISE Smart Shades Features

Like other programmable smart devices, RISE also offers schedule control up and down automatically using the smartphone app. Every mechanical moment enabled machine requires battery, you don’t need to worry about the battery change. It comes with built-in high quality Lithium batteries with built-in solar charger.

The concept of the company is to provide beautiful mornings with good ambiance. RISE is meant for both home and office purpose. The RISE is compatible with existing window covers with sidewinder chain and capable of lifting heavy blinds.

RISE Smart Shade Box

RISE is currently funding in Indiegogo with a goal of €1,000 and successfully reached.

source RISE.

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