tinySpell Is A Spell Checker For Windows

It happens quite so often that we miss one tiny utility in Windows typing. Yes it is spell checker, this feature is not available for all Windows OS features. The latest browsers, MS Office suites comes with spelling checking features. Unfortunately if you are working with text editor in Windows, spell checking is a tiresome process. All we need is a spell checker for Windows that integrates with all programs. tinySpell is little and tiny spell check program that integrates with all programs.

How tinySpell works?

After installation it sits in the system tray and monitors all the mistakes you make while typing. It constantly watches your typing and if you make any mistake it alerts you with a small pop up box near that word. You can increase the size of the pop up box from default small to medium, large and huge. For the suggestions click the default hot key “Ctrl+” to list the suggestions.

tinySpell Settings and features

If you get alerted for a spelling that new to dictionary, you can add the word to the dictionary manually by opening the program interface. The tinySpell also lets you to blacklist the programs that you don’t want to integrate with tinySpell. The default color of the pop up box is orange you can change it to the favorite color. The best part of this tiny program is that it also checks the copied clipboard text.

The program comes in both free and paid versions, paid version contains more features like auto replacements, instant corrections and case sensitivity.

Download tinySpell

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