How To Convert PDF To Excel Online Using Docs Zone

PDF is the most common format used when sharing information. It is especially useful for sharing large documents. However, extracting information from a PDF file can be difficult. The format preserves the information within the document. You cannot, therefore, edit a PDF file without having purchased the right software from Adobe.

Many people resort to copying and pasting the information from the PDF files to an editable format such as Word or Excel. The problem with this is that the integrity of the information in the original file is lost especially when dealing with tables.

The answer is to convert the PDF document to an Excel document. There are many online converters designed to do just this and Docs.Zone is emerging as one of the best in the business. Using this online tool enables you to convert your files logically. The information transfer is in a logical way to ensure preserving of the information integrity and the formatting of the tables in the original file during the conversion process.

Sounds complicated? The process of converting PDF documents to Excel is quite simple with Docs Zone.

Step 1:

You will need to create an account by going to and signing up for the account. This process is quite easy and fast. You will have your account up and running within a few minutes. You can start converting your files as soon as you confirm your information. It is as simple as that.

PDF To Excel

Step 2:

Log into your account and click on the tab that says “PDF to Excel”. The icons on the right hand side of the page will change to indicate the option you have selected. The arrow should point to the Excel format. This indicates that you intend to convert PDF to Excel.

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Step 3:

The good news with this online converter is that they got rid of the need to copy and paste information from the PDF document onto the website. You can now convert your documents directly from your disk without even opening them. You can do this by simply clicking on “Select files…”.  A dialogue box will open. Browse to the file(s) you want to convert.

Step 4:

If you want to convert only one file, then select the PDF document that you intend to convert. You can convert multiple documents to Excel on Docs Zone. Simply select all the documents you want to convert by holding down the CTRL key and selecting the different files.

When you select several documents for conversion, the result will not be a single Excel spreadsheet. You will have an Excel document for each PDF document selected. You should therefore not be worried about having your information muddled into a single document.

Step 5:

Click on the “Start” button. The conversion will begin. This usually takes a few seconds for a simple PDF document. Documents that are more complex and have more information will take longer to convert.

Step 6:

You will get alerts when the conversion is completed. Click on ‘Download’ to save the file to disk. The conversion process is complete.

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