PC Buying Guide-Things To Check Before Buying A Computer

Buying a new PC is a quite confusing task. We need to consider so many aspects before buying a PC. Price, hardware configurations, usability, compatibility and etc. To day we shortlisted few important points to consider before buying a new PC.

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PC Size

Size & Usability

Size and usability are in first place when you want to buy a new PC. If you are a businessman or a student a laptop is always advisable, it is portable in size and easy to carry anywhere. We suggest Chromebook and Toshiba WT-8 Windows Tablet for students and busy business people. For video editors, game developers and other professional working people, a desktop PC with robust hardware configuration is suitable.

Assembled PC

Branded & Assembled

Most people prefer buying branded PC’s. They come with fixed price tag, overall machine warranty, limited hardware choice, built in Most people prefer buying branded PC’s. They comes with fixed price tag, overall machine warrenty, limited hardware choice, built in Antivirus suite and genuine operating system. Branded PC’s are available in ready to buy condition and easy to setup.

Where as Assembled PC’s comes with choice of hardware. Buyer can pick their most suitable configuration of their choice. Choosing a perfect configured PC is a tricky process, choosing the parts suitable to need and budget takes time.

Unlike fixed monitor size in branded PC in assembled PC you can get the monitor of desired size. It ranges from 15 inches to large 24 inches size, also you can opt for LCD, LED and even 3D monitor for a reasonable price.

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Power supply is a most important part of a PC. But most of the users ignore the capacity of the PSU. A good gaming PC requires 500 to 600 watts power supply when they are running at maximum performance levels.

Operating Systems

Operating System

After choosing the hardware the next step is selecting right kind of OS to match your usage. Microsoft Windows Operating systems generally come with various versions. To take advantage of all full features Ultimate is preferable. Users with minimum requirements are always advisable to pick starter or Home editions.

Linux is another great choice for desktop computing. It is free, easy to troubleshoot, works as a streaming and backup machine.



Warranty is third most important consideration before buying a PC. Most of the hardware parts comes with three years arranty. Laptops and Desktop branded PC’s also comes with limited warranty.

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