GlassWire – Best Tool That Every Internet User Should Have

Nowadays internet is there for everyone and us from India we don’t have unlimited data plans and always comes with a bandwidth cap. Maximum users from India goes with mobile Internet like 2G, 3G and now 4G, and creating hotspot for their laptops connectivity. If they have WiFi in either college or any organization, many of them are offering limited data per day. For my college, it is 1GB per day as the internet has so many freeware it is not sufficient for me I mean for videos so I found a tool GlassWire and this article is about the GlassWire review.

What is GlassWire?

GlassWire is a tool that used manage the internet data that is happening on your computer or PC. You can check how much data is used by which application, what is traffic used by that particular application, to which servers it is connecting what is the location of that server everything, and you can block the software’s that are using background data

Advantages and features

  • Graph, It gives you the time graph which has 5 minutes, 3 hours, 24 hours and one-week intervals. It also shows you when any software or service connection initiated.

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  • Firewall blocking, if any software is using data that you don’t want to, then you can block the software.

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  • Usage of internet, this tool let you know entirely about how much data was consumed, incoming data, outgoing data

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  • Alerts, if you want your computer to consume an only particular amount of data, then you can adjust the data in alerts and after the data consumed it automatically blocks all the internet traffic coming and going.

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  • Log, log lets you manage when the software is connected or when the internet connection was established. If there is any version change in any application, for example, if any application was updated then the application version will be changed, and you can notice that with these logs

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  • The best feature is it is free


  • Only windows version, no mac or Linux version and no android version.
  • If you created a hotspot then this utility won’t calculate the traffic of your devices that connected.

Download GlassWire.

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