Top 5 Best Password Managers For Android

The internet is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is staying up to date with social networking sites, business portals, entertainment sites, blogs and everything.

Here we have so many accounts and remembering passwords for all the websites is difficult and we can’t keep same password for multiple websites because if one gets hacked then all your internet life will be hacked. So I am here with a solution to keep safe your passwords.

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Top 5 best password managers for Android

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Dashlane app has many features it lets you to store passwords safely. You can also set auto login off by default it was on and there are many more features like sharing also. It is one of the best free password manager for Android.




Keeper is a cross platform password manager supported on iOS, Mac, PC and android. over 6 million people are using this. It comes with preloaded on AT&T devices. Keeper comes in both free version and paid version. It can store credit cards, private pictures also.




LastPass is one of the most used tool for password storing in the world. It supports all the devices and this also contains premium version which is $12 per year. Another feature in this is you can share the credentials with your family and friends. It has built in browser to login safely. Another unique feature is you can have a sticky notes insde the app to record anything.


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4.Roboform Password generator

Roboform supports multiple platforms. It supports single click login, single click form filler, single click password generator.




1Password is also a cross platform app comes with 1Browser for safe browsing. All the apps have same features but that’s you should decide what to use.


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