Why You Should Use A Password Manager

In my last post I have already said you about 5 best android password managers and now in this article I am here to say you why to use password managers?

What are password managers?

Password managers are software’s that stores your passwords using some encrypted key. These software’s remember your passwords and even if you want to access them you should have master password. More precisely all your passwords are protected by another password by password manager.

There are three types of password managers

  • Browser’s default password manager
  • Password manager software’s
  • Online password managers

Browser Password Manager:

First start with the default options that comes along when you install your browser.


Default password managers use very small encryption and the security for those is very less. You can directly view the remembered passwords from the settings. If you protected them with master password in Mozilla firefox the password file can be located and if attackers gets that. That’s it all your passwords will be displayed after decrypting it. Decryption is not a difficult, there are so many free tools to do that. So you should not use default browser password remember.

Online Password Manager:

Online password manager is secure version compared to default browser one. All of your credentials are stored in online and there will be some strong decryption key behind the encryption file that stored in cloud. The problem with this is if the cloud server got hacked or compromised then there is a risk of exposing your passwords. As those were encrypted either attacker need decryption key or should use brute force attack which takes years.

You need to trust the website because they may install key logger in your browser so be careful with online password managers.

Password Manager software’s:


Under password manager category using software’s is the most secured version. This is because all the password manager software’s store password in your computer and some of them will store in cloud also. You have to check before using. Password stored are completely encrypted and those are stored in your computer in a file. Even the attacker steal the file it takes around years to decrypt it unless he know decryption he and no company will release its decryption key.

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