Advanced System Care 8 Pro Review: A Standalone Program With Multiple Tools

Keeping your PC in top notch condition is a regular task. It requires perfect cleaning tool to clean your machine by removing junk files and drivers up to date. We have already provided you the review of IObit’s Start Menu 8 Review, which is a free software. Here in this article we are with premium software Advanced System Care 8 Pro. It intensively scans your system and lets you tune the system by performing variety of tasks.

Advanced System Care 8 Pro Review-Details, Usage and full features.

What is Advanced System Care?

Advanced System Care 8 Pro Main user interface

Advanced System Care is a software by IObit which takes cares about your PC. Repairs registry, boosts you PC, cleans RAM in one word complete optimization of your PC. We will discuss those features.

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Advanced System Care 8 Pro Usage and Features

Scanning: This software scans for spyware, registry mistakes or errors, internet boost, shortcut errors, privacy issues, security holes, disk errors, vulnerabilities, junk files and repairs everything

Registry optimization will be done when you restart your computer

It will protect your Homepage when any other software or any tool trying to change it.

This cleans the traces or your internet and protects you being tracked

This software comes with inbuilt toolbox to download different tools by IObit.

All the tools should be downloaded after installing Advanced System Care Pro. Some of the tools in this list are softwares but given in the tool box still we will be sharing about that also.


Here is the tools list

  • IObit Uninstaller: This is a software that uninstalls the programs and the advantage of this software is, this will search for the files after uninstall like registry files, folders and some other stuff
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IObit unistaller

  • Driver booster: Driver booster is also a software but you need to buy this. This will automatically updates all your outdated drivers.

Driver booster

  • Smart defrag: This tool defrags your hard disk and places all your files in correct memory location

Disk defrag

  • IO Malware Fighter: Malware Fighter is also a premium software. It is a good antivirus.
  • Game Booster: Game booster is also a software that cleans your RAM and stops unwanted services running which helps you to deliver excellent gaming performance

IObit Game Booster

  • Start Menu 8: we have already said about this tool check here. If you are using windows 8 then this software will bring back your start button.

Start Menu 8

  • Win Fix: This tool checks the operating system errors and fixes them

IObit Win Fix

  • PCtransfer: This tool backups your data and you can also select your own data
  • Disk Doctor: This tool will scan the hard disk for errors and the found errors are solved at the restart

IObit Disk Doctor

  • Undelete: This tool backups the deleted files
  • File Shredder: If you would like to delete the file without leaving traces this tool might help
  • Default Program: This tool helps to select default apps for files. For example WinRAR as default file compression program
  • Startup Manager: This helps you to manage startup programs and if any program is consuming much CPU usage then this tool helps you to disable that program.
  • Smart RAM: Smart RAM clears the unused files in RAM after copying it to memory. Best management for RAM

IObit Smart RAM

  • Internet Booster: This tool will let you select your net bandwidth and optimizes your internet to that.
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Iobit Internet Booster

  • Program Deactivator: This tool will help you to deactivate background programs, start up programs
  • Registry Defrag: This will optimize your registry and places all your registry values perfectly
  • Registry cleaner: Cleans the registry and removes unwanted values
  • Disc cleaner: Cleans all unwanted files, logs, dump files in your disk
  • Empty folder scanner: This will scan for the empty folders and help you to delete them
  • Shortcut Fixer: Fixes all the shortcuts and if program not found deletes shortcut with your permission
  • Cloned Files scanner: Scans cloned files in all of your discs and helps you to delete it

Turboboost: Turboboost helps you to enter to work mode. This cleans the services and background process when you turn on and again starts the processes when you turn off.

Action center: This will scan for outdated plugins and updates them.

IObit Action Center

There are different colors of skins and you can change them. There will be solid color displayed as a back ground and you can keep your own picture as back ground

Home window with custom background

Testing is carried out in in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC’s and laptops. And we satisfied with the results.


To sum everything up, Advanced System Care 8 Pro is a great PC cleaner jam-packed with a wide variety of cleaning features and we strongly recommend our audience.

Visit Advanced System Care 8 Pro.

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