How To Protect Your Android Phone From Being Hacked

If your mobile or any electronic device has an access to internet was hacked then there is a vulnerability discovered by attacker and exploited it. Vulnerability might be in any app doesn’t matter. Once if your device got hacked then he will build a backdoor which lets attacker to access your device anytime he wants. If attacker is stealing your data then there should be a port which is sending that data and here in this article we are saying how to know which app is sending data.

How To Protect Your Android Phone From Being Hacked

Android is the best most flexible OS in apps followed by iOS. Android has almost all apps we want, it has almost millions of apps. There are apps which protects you from hacking also and here we are with the best android app that will protect your device.

Network connections app

Network Connections is an app for android by Anti Spy mobile. This app has cool features that can monitor your network data.

How it works?

  • Provides you the list of apps that are using network: With the help of this app you can get the list of the apps that are using internet and how much data it received and sent. This also shows you which type of connection was it like TCP, TCP 6 listen.

current connections

  • Capture internet data: There is an option to capture and internet data and to export it.

connections log

  • Location of IP address: If you suspect any IP address you can get the location of it
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Network Connections - screenshot

  • Notification when new app connected: When new app connected this gives you notification about that app in notification bar.

How you can be protected?

Using this app you can examine the suspicious network connections and IP addresses and through which app these are connecting. You can either uninstall that app or find the another solution.


This app is completely playing with IP addresses. If you have full version this is useful.

Price: Free

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