Why Should You Use Disk Defragmenter

If you are using any computer optimization software’s or tools then you will be finding an option disk defragmenter. Many of the users use it but don’t know what it is and why we should use it. Here we are with the solution, what is the reason behind disk defragmenter and why we should use it?

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Why Should You Use Disk Defragmenter?

Disk defragmenters are used to place the data in a correct memory location.If you are good at programming then you can understand even though normal members won’t understand I will explain.

In programming when you run a program you will get some error like some numbers instead of right output and these are called garbage values. These garbage values are nothing but the number or location of the variable in the storage. Similarly, every data is located in the hard disk somewhere.

When you copy files data was written into the hard disk where there is free location and while opening these files it will take some more time than normal. What disk defragmenter will do is arrange these files in the correct position.

Disk Defragmentation

For example 2 bits of data stored in the memory location of 56564 and 65565 then disk defragmenter will arrange them in 56564 and 56565 or other location according to the probability but they are placed in the location which lets your computer open files faster.

This technique also does another thing placing the files according to you. If you are accessing a folder, videos more then it will allocate the first place to that directory so that those can be accessible faster. These are the advantages of disk defragment.

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You have to use disk defragmenter because you have to work faster.

There are many disks defragment software available online. Disk defragmenter techniques work for Windows  and Mac also.

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