Top 5 Alternatives To YouTube

Youtube is the best video streaming website in the world and there is no doubt in that. But what if it is dead? Or take another example if that is down due to attack by hackers.All the tutorials, video songs and all the videos you like and your favorites can’t be accessed at that time. And also because of its popularity some times we forget to go for other best options. We are here to provide the top 5 alternatives to YouTube.

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Vimeo is one of the best alternatives for Youtube and good video streaming website. It has alexa rank of 120 and gets most of the traffic from US and followed by India. You can purchase movies and videos you like.

There is free version and premium version for two type of member’s professionals and beginners. Which are vimeo plus and vimeo pro. If you are taking pro or plus plans from vimeo you will be getting priority video conversion, VIP support for your responses and many more. Go to this link to know more.


Bliptv is one of the best video streaming website. It has alexa ranking of 14,183 and gets most of the traffic from US and followed by India. It is completely free but you need skills to get account in this. Once your work was submitted they will analyze it and gives you the account. You can’t just fill the form and get the account

Daily Motion


Dailymotion gets most of the traffic from Pakistan followed by japan, US, India. It has alexa rank of 81. This website has its own software to batch upload videos. Separate subdomain for games.



Veoh is another alternatives for youtube. It has multiple language support like another website. It has forum support. This is the best thing. This also has software of Veoh to download and upload videos of no limit. It carries alexa rank of 4,576. Gets most traffic from Japan followed by US and India. Veoh is famous for Anime or cartoon movies.

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Metacafe is another alternative we have. It has most of the traffic from India followed by US and Pakistan. It has alexa rank of 2,272. Metacafe has a great feature called non-duplicity. When you search Youtube for any video then you will get 23 variants on average of same video and you will be confused what the exact video is and that won’t happens with metacafe.

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